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Talking nonsense is the sole privilege man possesses over the other organisms.

-a quote from 'Crime and Punishment'

The AP Literature Community
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[This is for the AP literature class at CCA]..

listen to my phat rhymes:
Dostoyevsky is super smart, his novel great.
but this summer he's pissed us off, made us irate.
thank you and good night.

. . . here is an environment where we allow you to spew out absurd complaints concerning your agreement to willingly read and write in fatal amounts for the 2006-2007 school year . . here is the place where you may pretend to hate homework. but we all know you make love to it in secret.

HOWEVER you should really post helpful information you come across on the internet, or insights you come across in your own brain if you get lucky or really do have a perfunctory brain. just whatever/ you know?


- no plagarizing
- no atrocious grammar
- don't capitalize your i's..

but whatever, really.